As Your Silence Grows, Your Success Grows #GMfaves

GoOD Mornings with CurlyNikki
GoOD Mornings with CurlyNikki
As Your Silence Grows, Your Success Grows #GMfaves

To make it more specific to your situation,

swap out ‘success’ for ‘business,’

swap out ‘success’ for ‘love,’

swap out ‘success’ for ‘readership,’

swap it out for ‘audience,’

swap it out for ‘family.’

As my silence grows, my success grows.

As I grow more and more silent,

I grow more and more in alignment.

I grow more and more on purpose,

in passion.

In Love,

I bloom.

I Love you,


******God is afoot! I’m writing, and working on something BIG (and very useful) for your practice! I’ll share #ListenerFavorite episodes until I return with new ones in Spring! Look out for announcements soon!

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Today’s Quotes:

p.s. I snapped a picture of the bracelet I found. See it Here! “The Silence in you is the key to Me.”

“If God is not changing your situation, maybe He’s changing your Heart.” -Maharajji

“If you want to build a great life, slow down. Anyone can caffeinate & push hard toward their next goal. But it’s not sustainable. Long-term energy comes from alignment. And alignment requires feeling the subtle difference between energy created from anxiety & energy created from inspiration.” -@CoryMuscara

“The basic paradox: Everything is a mess, yet all is well.” -Ezra Bayda

“Peace is the first glimpse of the inner Kingdom of God.” -Yogananda

“And when she could no longer hear God’s voice over the world’s yelling and endless expectations. She got quiet with herself. She took her stillness to God. And His voice alone led her out of the wilderness.” -@laurenfortenberrywrites via IG

“Perhaps what you want is your destiny.” -@her. written.thoughts via IG

“Sometimes, the biggest, bravest step of faith is to STAND STILL.” -@AutumnMiles via IG

“Nonattachment is a pivotal practice going forward for you.  The easiest way to enjoy life is to accept what makes its way to you, embrace it, enjoy it, and let it go when and if it needs to. Trying to hold on to things and people is a trait you picked up when you were in survival mode.  The good things in your life were far and few between so you felt the need to grasp and hold on to what was good. That’s no longer needed. You have one good thing lined up after the next. Focus on your continued expansion & evolution. -Via IG @ Sourcemessage

“The escape is through the Sound Current.”  -Hazur Baba Sawan Singh

“Always listen to the inner Sound during meditation every day: “If you listen for ten minutes, or five minutes, or four minutes, or two minutes, or even one minute, with love and devotion, millions of sins and obstacles will be removed.”  -Baba Jaimal Singh