God’s Hand Has Always Been on You

GoOD Mornings with CurlyNikki
GoOD Mornings with CurlyNikki
God's Hand Has Always Been on You

‘The Sure Presence’ by Eva Bell Werber via In His Presence (1946) “All about you is seeming reality.  It is so much easier to dwell in this confusion of mind than it is to rest back in the quiet garden of spirit.  You must constantly exercise and practice the Presence until of all things, It is the most real.  Watch carefully for directions.  Keep your soul atuned for My voice.  It is subtle, low, and sweet, yet with what great sureness can It guide you. It will clarify the things which seem to confound you and over which you seem of yourself to have no control.  You will know then that the way you walk is the way I choose for you and that which before seemed so real will fade away in the light of My truth and wisdom.   Rest now for a moment in My arms of love. Feel the tender touch of My hand upon your head, then go forth to bear My radiance to all your world. ” Stay in conscious remembrance of God’s hand… of this Love, today and always, and watch miracles become the norm.   With you in and AS this Love,  Nik  nikki@curlynikki.com

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