God’s is the Only Presence in That Room

GoOD Mornings with CurlyNikki
GoOD Mornings with CurlyNikki
God's is the Only Presence in That Room

Today’s Quotes: “God’s is the only presence in that room.”  – Herb Fitch “My “me” is God, nor do I recognize any other “me” except God, Himself.” – St. Catherine of Genoa “There is only one seeming problem. And that seeming problem is that God’s Presence has been mistaken to be the presence of an individual.” – Ananta Today’s Practice:  Love is the only presence where you are.  Not you AND Love.  Not Love AND a crowd of people… just Love.  Only Love is here.  No matter where you go today or what you see, instantly recognize it as Love.  Look out at the world from the feeling of Love. The feeling you have when you Namaskar or sway? That. Feel That while you look at stuff.  “That’s not a little girl, that’ Love. This is not a store aisle, it’s Love.  I’m not looking at a phone, I’m looking at Love. Love has seemed to take on the form of a phone. But I know (aka feel) the Truth. Only Love is here.” Practice this unceasingly today and always. If only Love is here, who is there to hate? To be afraid of? To envy? To be angry with? It’s all You, boo. It’s all Love. And therefore, it’s all Go(o)d! Smile, breathe. 🙂 The incense I referred to in this episode!

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