God’s Love is Rearranging Your Life

GoOD Mornings with CurlyNikki
GoOD Mornings with CurlyNikki
God's Love is Rearranging Your Life

CROWN CHECK. Breathe. Smile. Love’s got you. Welcome back to your Self.  God is pretending to be the world, but It’s still only God.  Remember this while interacting with seeming others… It’s all YOU. So soften… be gentle.  It’s all Go(o)d.  Only Love is Here and It’s rearranging everything.  Relax into It.    “Unable to perceive the shape of you i find you all around me your presence fills my eyes with your Love It humbles my heart for you are everywhere.” – Hakim Sanai “The way to You lies clearly in my heart and cannot be seen or known to the mind. As my words turn to silence, Your sweetness surrounds me.” – Hakim Sanai “Filling Up My Eyes” Lyrics You’re filling up my eyes Filling up my eyes No form with which to hide you Now everywhere I find You say, “Live just like the sky” I live like I was blind Now everywhere I find you Now everywhere I find you Filling up my eyes I’m here Everything is changing but I am here I’m here I see it rearranging Endless is your love Your love is life Your love is life Life can’t die Life can never die Endlessly am I No place for me to hide, Lord My presence is my life As constant as the sky I choicelessly abide For this I cry, Lord I am alive I am alive. -Mooji Mala, Filling Up My Eyes

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