‘I’ Serves Through You

GoOD Mornings with CurlyNikki
GoOD Mornings with CurlyNikki
'I' Serves Through You

Listen to this as a reset button for your day. Recenter.  Re-anchor.  Turn back to Love. Let It replace you.  I Serve Through You (I like to read it, ‘I’ or ‘God’ Serves Through You’) “My Beloved, unless you are receptive I have no way of expressing my consciousness through you.  I function through your entire being.  I shall always function through you even after you lay aside the physical form.  You shall raise your consciousness to the knowing that I am all Reality and great things shall be accomplished through you, My instrument.  Obstacles shall fall from you as the leaves which have no further purpose fall from the trees in autumn.   Dwell close by My side, rest in a new found restfulness and each step on the path shall be made clear.  Thus shall I be able to express My consciousness through you and we shall truly work together and dwell together in loving service.”  – Eva Bell Werber, In His Presence  “Be a beholder and be aware of God as being you.” – Virginia Stephenson  “God isn’t out there somewhere, separate from you.  Your eyes are His eyes, your awareness is His awareness, your sense of being, of presence, is His presence. In fact, Awareness/Presence is what God Is: pure, empty, silent awareness, capacious of all that appears, and all that appears does so in the only place it could appear, which is right Here where you are, where He is. ” -J. C. Amberchele ‘Coming to Nothing and Finding Everything’

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