I’m Not Aware of the Light, I AM the Light

GoOD Mornings with CurlyNikki
GoOD Mornings with CurlyNikki
I'm Not Aware of the Light, I AM the Light

Remember, you aren’t aware of the Light, you ARE the Light.  🙂  And today we do a meditation that is a waking, moment to moment practice, to incorporate this Truth.  Walk this day, as the flame that you are! Feel the inner body, the vibration of Love, and BE THAT. Don’t be aware of THAT.  Identify as THAT.  As Osho says, you are the flame, and that body (and the world) is the aura around it.    Previous practices mentioned today– The Inner Body Practice The Diamond Light Body Meditation Today’s Quote: “All spiritual practices are illusions created by illusionists to escape illusion.” – Ram Dass Today’s Meditation: “While waking, moving, eating, working, remember yourself as light, as if in your heart a flame is burning, and your body is nothing but the aura around the flame. Imagine it: in your heart a flame is burning, and your body is nothing but a light aura around the flame; your body is just a light around the flame. Allow it to go deep within your mind and your consciousness. Imbibe it. It will take time, but if you go on thinking about it, feeling it, imagining it, within a certain period you will be able to remember it the whole day. While awake, moving on the street, you are a flame moving. No one else will be aware of it in the beginning, but if you continue it, after three months others will also become aware. Only when others become aware can you then be at ease. Don’t say anything to anyone. Simply imagine a flame, and your body as just the aura around it—not a physical body, but an electric body, a light body. Go on doing it.” — Meditation – The First and Last Freedom: A Practical Guide to Osho Meditations

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