It is written. #GMfaves

GoOD Mornings with CurlyNikki
GoOD Mornings with CurlyNikki
It is written. #GMfaves

You’re growing into your future.

The one you thought you were just imagining,

hoping for,

but now know is Promised.

It is written.

No matter what comes.

No matter what apparent failure happens on your way to It.

It’s yours.

It’s finished.

And from this Vibration,

from this posture,

sitting up taller,

shoulders down and back,

stomach soft,

breathing soft,

soft smile,

feeling the weight of this phone in your hands,

you Watch.

I Am Watching, too

I Love you,


******God is afoot! I’m writing, and working on something BIG (and very useful) for your practice! I’ll share #ListenerFavorite episodes until I return with new ones in Spring! Look out for announcements soon!

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Today’s Quotes:   

“Every time you remember, FORGIVE again.” -Ash Elisé @imashelise

‘Let the first words out of your mouth, while you are still on your pillow, be a cry to God: “I need you again today.” -John Piper

“You are reimagining a life for yourself there’s no real blueprint for and i’m really proud of you for that.” -Joél Leon

“Pray every prayer as if it’s your last.” -@thedesiroyal

“…for it is Written, “You shall be holy,  for I am holy.” -I Peter 1:16

“Holiness– A quality of divine innocence or purity, untainted by the slightest sin or impurity. Holiness is characterized not by separation from the impure (as in some traditional notions), but by the willingness to love and share and unite with all beings. Holiness is the fundamental and changeless nature of all that God creates.” -ACIM

“Forgiveness recognizes what you thought your brother did to you has not occurred. It does not pardon sins and make them real. It sees there was no sin. And in that view are all your sins forgiven.” -ACIM

“For you were formerly darkness, but now you are Light in the Lord; walk as children o of Light.” -Ephesians 5:8