Love is the Miracle and It Becomes the Miracle #GMfaves

GoOD Mornings with CurlyNikki
GoOD Mornings with CurlyNikki
Love is the Miracle and It Becomes the Miracle #GMfaves

But you have to keep feeling the Miracle instead of the resistance.

You have to keep feeling where you are instead of where you were,

instead of where you are afraid you might end up.

Knowing that where you are now is only an appearance.

You’re Home, now.

You’re in God, now,

but because you can’t see,

you see an office,

you see an apartment you don’t want to be in anymore…

but that only appears to be (t)here,

that body only appears to be (t)here,

the thoughts only appear to be (t)here.

Love is Here and the Miracle happens POWERFULLY when you know/feel this, Now.

and Now,

and Now,

and Now.


It’s a feeling You’re chanting/recognizing… now, and now, and now, and now. A miracle You’re causing/witnessing… now, and now, and now.

I Love you,


******God is afoot! I’m writing, and working on something BIG (and very useful) for your practice! I’ll share #ListenerFavorite episodes until I return with new ones in Spring! Look out for announcements soon!

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“Nothing happens next, this is it.” -Zen master

“If you will stop looking where it isn’t, and start feeling for it where it is, your doubt will go away.” – Abraham Hicks

“To the girl waking up and falling asleep with anxiety each day, declare this truth over yourself: Though things feel out of control, God is still in control.” -@proverbs31ministries

“A mysterious power will take care of everything for you. This only happens when you understand, I am not the doer. As long as you believe you are the doer, you have to struggle, you have to fight, you have to compete and you have to straighten things out. But as soon as you realize, I am not the doer. I didn’t ask to be born, I didn’t have to go through this position, to have the parents I had, to grow up where I grew up, this is all karmic. The same power that took care of this will take care of you now. Will put you in your right place. Will take care of your finances, your health and everything else.  Your job is to focus your attention on the Self.” -Robert Adams

“If it’s not God’s time, you can’t force it. When it is God’s time, you can’t stop it.” -@SardineBread