So What We NOT Gon’ Do Today Is…

GoOD Mornings with CurlyNikki
GoOD Mornings with CurlyNikki
So What We NOT Gon' Do Today Is...

Today’s Bonus Quote: “As you progress you become less excited about collecting the melodrama of the daily news; for as you delve within yourself, you want less and less to feed your mind unnecessary images and thoughts that agitate it.  You simplify what you talk about, what you watch and what you read.  You find yourself drawn to new kinds of books, perhaps books written by those who speak from the quiet of meditation. They are invaluable in creating space in which your mind can become quiet also.    … One can be a responsible citizen without allowing one’s mind to be captured by the media and their need to create news”  – Ram Dass, Journey of Awakening Today’s Bonus Practice:  So what we’re not gon’ do today is watch stuff that makes us feel bad.  Just for today, turn off the news, turn off that one crime show… stop scrolling that IG account (and the comments!) that gives you anxiety. Sit with a Go(o)d book. Listen to Go(o)d music. Write in your journal. Take a walk. Our life stories have plenty of drama to cause that inner ruckus… we don’t need to consume content that generate even more. STOP. Breathe. Smile. Love. I’m with you in this practice.  

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