Stop remembering what you think God has forgotten.

GoOD Mornings with CurlyNikki
GoOD Mornings with CurlyNikki
Stop remembering what you think God has forgotten.


into your Self, 

into this (eternal) Moment,

into the season, in your life.

I know you’re ready to be seen,

to be revealed,

to be found,

to be elevated,

to be loved the way you love.

I know.

But you have to let God reveal you.

You have to remain quiet,

still on the inside,

Loving without an object,

present without a body,

without any other intention than,

God, let me be Me, without me. 

Please accept me. 

I Love you,


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“Bring awareness to fearful thoughts. Simply be aware of fear and feel it. When you have felt the fear fully say, I am ready to move through my fear now Father, please help me. And be willing to receive the help you asked for. You will receive the help you asked for. When you ask for help you acknowledge that there’s a power greater than your fear. You also indicate your desire to work with that fear and conflict in your life. When you ask for help recognize that you’re asking that your thoughts be changed. So affirm this-Father I’m willing to change my mind about this situation. Please help me see this not through the eyes of fear but as you see it. Help me see this with equal love for myself and all other. This is a powerful prayer. Stay with it. Rest in its strength and its peace. And let God answer you in every word, every gesture and every action.”- Paul Ferrini, Loving Without Conditions 

“Stop remembering what God has forgotten.” -@trustgodbro