Take refuge in God, His power will flow into you.

GoOD Mornings with CurlyNikki
GoOD Mornings with CurlyNikki
Take refuge in God, His power will flow into you.

Who’s getting on your nerves lately? What was your last interaction with them like? Feel back into your body posture. How were you standing? How were you sitting? Where were you clenching? What emotion were you holding, tightly? I know it felt like that emotion had a hold on you, but it’s always the other way around. Just as these thoughts that are not yours are always flowing through, and you’re grasping at them, holding them, believing them, claiming them as who and what you are– that emotion was just flowing through too.  With much practice, I found that I’m able to wake up in those moments of tightness, and just feel, just be with the tightness, without labeling it, without judging it, without giving it a cause, or trying to remedy it, trying to quell it. Sometimes I close my eyes on the interaction for a second, just to be with the feeling. The interaction is only happening so that you may feel that feeling finally and ask, “Is Love here, too? And feel That. Feel what’s just beyond that strong, seemingly negative emotion. I feel My refuge. Feel It with me. 

I Love You


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“Take refuge in the Guru, His power will flow into you.” – Amma

“Take safe refuge in the all-loving Lord!”- Alan Jacobs 

“Then you have to jump back into yourself and take refuge in your self. When you take refuge in your self you become happy. When you take refuge in your self you have peace. When you take refuge in your self you have harmony, you have joy. It’s a mystery to me why people would take refuge in the outside world, in person, place or thing, when you know the outside world is subject to the law of change, and is never the same continuously. So whatever you take refuge in becomes a disappointment, whether it’s a person, place or thing.” -Robert Adams

“What I am finding is that when I settle back into emptiness, tension in the physical and emotional body decreases, and that this can be done in the middle of a tense personal interaction. That is, when I find myself getting upset or uptight, the unpleasantness of that becomes a sort of Pavlovian trigger reminding me of the dimension of inwardness. I’m not sure I even have a choice at that moment. I just find myself back here. The disagreement may continue, but I am not nearly as compelled to defend or assert “my” side of it. Realize I’m talking about very mild forms of disharmony. There are obviously nightmares that won’t be dissipated by a shift of perspective. But being empty may still be the sanest and safest (because fearless) stance to take in such a situation. Some time ago I read about the experience of a Tibetan monk who was tortured horrendously over a period of years in a Chinese jail. He said that he survived psychologically by taking refuge in the Void and praying for the salvation of all sentient beings. J. via Headless.org