The Only Thing of Real Value is Love Itself #GMweekends

GoOD Mornings with CurlyNikki
GoOD Mornings with CurlyNikki
The Only Thing of Real Value is Love Itself #GMweekends

When I sit down in the morning to chant, I’m sitting down to feel Love.

When I’ sitting down to record for you, I’m sitting down to feel Love.

When I’m doing yoga or breathing exercises, I’m doing it to feel Love.

When I’m doing any spiritual practice, ever, I’m only doing it as a way to feel Love.

The practices will “get you in the room with Christ.

But only Love will keep you (t)here.”* Everything I do, I do for Love… to remember It, to feel It, to know It as my Self.

I Love you, Nik

SUPPORT THE SHOW! ▶▶ ________________________________ Today’s Quotes: “The most subtle aspect of my teaching is Love. The circle around that subtle point, in order to realize it, is the spiritual practices such as meditation, repetition of the name of the Lord, talking with good people, directing the mind away from harmful thoughts, and so on. In themselves, these spiritual practices are of no value. The only thing of real value is Love itself.” -Satya Sai Baba

“The true mystic is not a devotee lost in ecstatic communion with the One, or a reclusive saint who avoids others. The true mystic lives alongside other people- coming and going, eating and sleeping, buying and selling, marrying and chatting– but not for a moment does he forget God.” -Abus Sa’id lbn Abi-l-Khayr

“The yogi medicine puts you in a room with Christ.  But it can’t keep you there. The only thing that can keep you there is love.”* -Maharajji

“Q: I have been practicing japa and meditation for a long time, but there is not enough progress.

Amma: You should also love God. Without love no amount of japa and meditation will bear fruit. When your love for God becomes very strong, all the bad vasanas (mental tendencies) within you will automatically drop away. Rowing a boat against the current is difficult, but if there is a sail it becomes easy. Love for God is like a sail that helps the boat go forward. When two lovers are sitting together, they won’t like it when anyone comes near them. A real sadhak has the same attitude. He doesn’t like anything that isn’t related to God. Living with the thought of God always in his mind, he can’t bear any obstacles that come between himself and God. Compared to his love for God, everything else is worthless to him. Son, one should have true lakshya bodha (one-pointed focus on the goal). Only then can one’s sadhana (spiritual practices) become deep. When someone sets out with a strong desire to reach a certain place, no obstacle can stop him. If he misses the bus, he will take a taxi. But if he lacks interest, he may decide to go home if he misses the bus, thinking he can try again the next day. Children, without intensity in sadhana it is difficult to reach the goal. Before you sow the seed you have to prepare the land, clearing it of grass and weeds. Otherwise it is difficult for the seeds to sprout. In the same way, we can enjoy the bliss of the Self only if we clear the mind of all external things and direct it to God.” -Amma