The Secret of the Sermon on the Mount

GoOD Mornings with CurlyNikki
GoOD Mornings with CurlyNikki
The Secret of the Sermon on the Mount

I gave you the Sound. 

It is My highest teaching. 

When you hear It, 

that is Ram Naam,

that is the Holy Spirit, 

that is (y)our Buddha Nature, 

Love Consciousness, 

the Kingdom of Heaven, 

the Maha Yoga. 

It is ‘I’. 

I Love you, 


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“Last Sunday in church, my pastor said, ‘we ask God for Him to change the situations we are in, but we don’t realize that God has put us in those situations to change us. Read that again.” – @livingchristian

“Let Christ alone enter your world, and let him bring to nothing all power that have come upon you. Let him enter the temple that is within you, that he migh throw out all the merchants 125 Let him dwell in your inner temple, and you be come for him a priest and a Levite entering in purity. Blessed are you, O soul, if you find this one 126 in your temple. Blessed are you still more if you perform his Service.” -Let Christ Enter Your World, Nah Hammadi Scriptures 

“We stand still in divine Being, not in human being. A human being needs many things: He must be healed, he must be supplied, he must have his lot improved. Not so with the child of God. The child of God is sustained by the Father within. We must rise above the pairs of opposites. That is the secret of the Sermon on the Mount. It takes us away from both health and no-health, supply and no supply into that world of the first chapter of Genesis where we judge not at all whether it is health or not health, supply or not supply, but whether we stand in that Spirit!” -Joel Goldsmith, “Thunder of Silence” Pg. 130

“Mere repetition of this or that name, without an actual touch with the named, is of no avail. If one were to become rich by calling for riches, then there would hardly be one who is not rich. Nameless is He and yet all names are His. If one can but get in touch with His Power, all names become inconsequential, for actual contact is what matters and not the words. If a thirsty person gets the substance, water, to quench his thirst, it does not matter if he calls for it as ab (Persian), water (English), aqua (Latin), eau (French), ma (Arabic) or hudor (Greek), for his purpose is served by any of these words. Similarly, the word “bread” is quite a different thing from the real bread. While one is just an expression used to distinguish it from other things, the other is the real bread that dispels hunger. So one must strive to contact the Reality rather than run after the shadowy words that stand for the Reality.” – Kabir