The Shortest Way to the God Experience #GMfaves

GoOD Mornings with CurlyNikki
GoOD Mornings with CurlyNikki
The Shortest Way to the God Experience #GMfaves

…is to remember that you’re never not having the God Experience.

And  while you allow my voice to remind you of that,

all you ever need is your heart beat,

or your breath,

or your mantra…

Let everything you’re not,

remind you of everything You are.

I Love you,


******God is afoot! I’m writing, and working on something BIG (and very useful) for your practice! I’ll share #ListenerFavorite episodes until I return with new ones in Spring! Look out for announcements soon!

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Today’s Quotes:

“You Are All Gods. If you only knew that behind the wave of your consciousness is the Sea Of God’s Presence You must look within. Don’t concentrate on the little wave of the body with its weaknesses, look beneath.” -Paramahansa Yogananda

“I believe many of us go through life sucking on pacifiers.  Oh, we don’t see them because they are in our bank. Or they’re parked in our garage. Or we live in them. Don’t put your hope into things that change- relationships, money talents, beauty, even health. Set your sights on the one thing that can never change: trust in your heavenly Father.” -via IG @patridance_starfire144

The Holy Spirit is more real to me then you are! -Kathryn Kuhlman

“When people smile, it doesn’t mean they are doing good, it means that they have chosen to smile.  If someone’s happy, that doesn’t necessarily mean everything is going right in their life.   It just means they’ve chosen to shift their attention to their blessings and derive the strength to face and fight their problems.” -Gaur Gopal Das

“Let your heart constantly beat with the thought, “God, God, God” – God all the twenty-four hours of the day, God as Love, God as Light, God as Omnipotence, God as Omniscience, God as Peace, God as unlimited Happiness, God as infinite Blessedness, God as an all-seeing Presence, God as an all-loving Father, God as an indestructible, Eternal, Absolute Truth, God as Beauty, Protection, Strength. Let your heart constantly beat with these words. This is the shortest way to God-experience.” – Swami Omkarananda

“Learn to live in such a way that those who know you, but don’t know God, will come to know God because they know you.” -St Teresa of Calcutta

“This peace that the Teacher offers us is a seed. After it has taken root in good soil, it still must grow.  We are not yet in peace, for this peace is a process of becoming, a work that we accomplish—or rather that we allow to be accomplished—within us. Nowhere else will it be found, and no one can sell or rent it to us. There may well appear merchants of happiness with pacifiers that can calm the troubles of our days and nights for a while. But there are no merchants of beatitude. There is only a Presence that is to be discovered, and allowed to grow, in the very core of ourselves.” -Leloup, Jean-Yves. The Gospel of Mary Magdalene (p. 69). Inner Traditions/Bear & Company. Kindle Edition.