The Sound of Breakthrough Breaking through.

GoOD Mornings with CurlyNikki
GoOD Mornings with CurlyNikki
The Sound of Breakthrough Breaking through.

Right now you’re seeing the dark veil.

You’re seeing darkness where only Light is, 

thoughts where only Silence is.

Keep choosing the Silence.

See that you have a choice to make this effortless effort over and over again.

Like to sit down into the Silence over and over again. 

To sit up into the Silence over and over again.

To breathe into It.

To thank It.

Not with words, but with more Silence.

For you to become more and more silent,

more and more still.

And that stillness, not necessarily meaning of the body, but of those thoughts, 

of those doubts- they’re all about the world.

When you bring your mind to God,

He holds it still.

He holds you still in Him. 

We practice meditating until the real meditation comes.

Maharajji would say, you chant from until the real Ram sounds.

I’m hearing the real Ram now,

the Ramming.

The Father Speaking

blessings upon you.

He’s raining down blessings upon you.

Put your hands out in front of you,

palms up and receive.

I Love You

I Am You



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“Whoever cannot find God in their heart, seeks God in a temple. Whoever cannot find love within, seeks love from others. If you realize that, all seeking stops. There is nothing to be found outside. Only pain. And that precisely what the pain is trying to teach us. To look within.” – @michalism

“Light is always within us. When the mind is settled, we see that Light. When this state is developed, we see it everywhere, even with open physical eyes. You see the dark veil, and the Light within that. In the Light you see the blue sky and the golden center shining resplendently — in the still pose of mind; and when you try to make and use your own efforts, your mind’s still pose is disturbed, and you lose it. We need not make any efforts. Our clutching will stand in the way and retard our progress. We should, however, make effortless effort.” – Kirpal Singh 

“Give up the mind that wants to meditate

and calm down.

Focus on nothing at all.

Disturbing thoughts and lazy indifference

are not liberation.

Remain unstained by thoughts and circumstances.

Rest relaxed in the uncontrived nature of mind,

free of elaboration or alteration.

For the benefit of one and all,

simply preserve peerless awareness.” – Dakini Sukhasiddhi