We Don’t Match Energy

GoOD Mornings with CurlyNikki
GoOD Mornings with CurlyNikki
We Don't Match Energy

Today’s Quote:   “Begin your spiritual life with the understanding that all conflicts must be settled within your consciousness. There is never a conflict with person or condition, but rather a false concept mentally entertained about person, thing, circumstance or condition.  Therefore, make the correction within yourself, rather than attempting to change anyone or anything in the without.  Acknowledge God as substance, law, cause, and activity of all that is, and immediately refrain from meddling physically or mentally in the without. Get back inside yourself, and there resolve all appearances.”  – Joel Goldsmith, The Infinite Way   Today’s Practice:  In the face of a disturbance, remember that it must first be resolved in yourself.  You don’t have to make your little self, your ego, feel better… your little self doesn’t have to feel good, but you have to feel and be aware of and AS God.  Become aware of your mantra, or Silence, or Love and recognize that you are the Loving Space for that moment to unfold in.  You are then aware of the disturbance AND Love.  This recognition, these short, frequent awakenings, are the healer of every situation.  

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