You Can’t Ride Two Horses at the Same Time

GoOD Mornings with CurlyNikki
GoOD Mornings with CurlyNikki
You Can't Ride Two Horses at the Same Time

In every moment, you’re either remembering God, or you’re not.  You’re either feeling Love, or you’re not.  Keep riding the feeling of Love and watch the view change.  “If you close our eyes, you will see that after your thoughts, behind your mind, behind your identity, there’s something there.  There’s a Presence.  We like to call that Presence, me, ‘I am there.’ And if you close your eyes, you will see that it’s like a person in the room.  The room isn’t empty.  There’s ‘somebody’ in the room—we call it ‘me’. That’s your life energy.  That’s the very thing that’s alive inside you.  And this aliveness is what some people call Consciousness, and what some have called God.  It’s permanently switched on and It wasn’t born when the body was born.  It’s always happy.  It doesn’t need anything more to become happy.  But Maya doesn’t let us look at this ‘something’, since it’s a delusion that the physical world is ultimate reality.  So Naam (mantra or repetition of God’s names) is saying, “don’t look at the material world, there’s something behind the material world.  Focus on that.  Focus on where the material world came from.”  Naam Simran is constantly reminding us, “don’t get lost in the game.” And you notice that this game is very easy to get lost in.  Why? Because Maya is a very tasty wine.  We are drinking this wine all the time, we are swimming in this wine.  And every now and then, we remember a bit of Naam and we get out of the system, but then we forget and we go back in the system, and then we remember again.  Over and over.  This is why Naam Simran is a 24 hour practice.  24 hours a day what you’re meditating on is, “This is not real. This is not reality. Ram Naam is the real reality, Wahe Guru, Wahe Guru—that which is behind Maya is the reality, Maya itself is not the reality.” – @nanak.naam I love you,  Nik

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